Our team is awesome. And they do awesome things. Hear their stories of adventure, kindness and joy.

The Bird-Dog-Joy of Repurposing Food
From traveling in my youth, I learned the ins and outs of staying in hostels. There is generally a lot of food waste in hostels where many people share one kitchen. ...
Runners at top of a mountain
Four Pass Loop
I’ve been a runner my whole life and I have always dreamed of running a marathon. I knew I would run one eventually, but had always found a reason to avoid the ...
Erin Leverence Headshot
Moving Cross Country
A lot goes through your head when you first accept a job...“What are my new coworkers going to be like?” “Will I like my new office?” “Can I get my ...
colorful candy on pink background
As someone who is raising their first child, I always get a lot of joy out of having experiences with my daughter that I remembered having when I was a child. Your first ...
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Blank Climbing Wall
Enjoying the Climb
One of my personal values has always been to constantly chase growth. So, when I started at PAIRIN, I really identified with the company value to “Choose Growth Over ...
Tori Wood Headshot
Mud Puddle Mentors
St. Petersburg, Russia 1998Springtime had finally come to St. Petersburg. Walking along a canal, I realized that the “ice-arteries” were thawing in the city’s ...
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cupcake with a sparkler
The Year of 30
I’ve always been the youngest of my friends. When you have a September birthday, you’re either the youngest or the oldest by default. Each year, my birthday was ...
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