Our team is awesome. And they do awesome things. Hear their stories of adventure, kindness and joy.

Runners at top of a mountain
Four Pass Loop
I’ve been a runner my whole life and I have always dreamed of running a marathon. I knew I would run one eventually, but had always found a reason to avoid the ...
Erin Leverence Headshot
Moving Cross Country
A lot goes through your head when you first accept a job...“What are my new coworkers going to be like?” “Will I like my new office?” “Can I get my ...
colorful candy on pink background
As someone who is raising their first child, I always get a lot of joy out of having experiences with my daughter that I remembered having when I was a child. Your first ...
Travis Desmond Headshot
Blank Climbing Wall
Enjoying the Climb
One of my personal values has always been to constantly chase growth. So, when I started at PAIRIN, I really identified with the company value to “Choose Growth Over ...
Tori Wood Headshot
Mud Puddle Mentors
St. Petersburg, Russia 1998Springtime had finally come to St. Petersburg. Walking along a canal, I realized that the “ice-arteries” were thawing in the city’s ...
Susan Simpson Headshot
cupcake with a sparkler
The Year of 30
I’ve always been the youngest of my friends. When you have a September birthday, you’re either the youngest or the oldest by default. Each year, my birthday was ...
Sarah Yaksic Headshot
Cabin surrounded by snow
Adversity Adventure
Things went wrong from the start. Ross, my adventure partner, had arrived the night before at the Denver International Airport where I had the pleasure of informing him ...
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