A Culture Built on Meaningful Values

At PAIRIN, we believe every person’s journey is important. We strive every day to guide our employees, partners, and ultimately, all end-users to reach their potential and contribute to large-scale workforce change.

We’re a tight-knit group of professionals dedicated to developing our skills through constant learning and growth.

Our Values

Value the Whole Person

  • Appreciate diverse perspectives, skills, interests and lifestyles
  • Respect multiple life roles
  • Accept people where they are and care about them too much to let them stay there

Remain Curious

  • Learn obsessively
  • Ask questions
  • Maintain an open mind
  • Assume positive intent

Choose Growth Over Comfort

  • Frequently ask for and gratefully accept the gift of honest feedback
  • Speak directly with sincerity and kindness
  • Lean into difficult conversations
  • Own and learn from mistakes

Own Our Outcomes

  • Keep focus on our “why”
  • Be resourceful and relentless
  • Take risks to solve problems
  • Problem solve, don’t problem spot
  • Win and lose together

Bird-dog Joy!

  • Look for opportunities for joy
  • Chase them relentlessly and enthusiastically
  • Share them with and bring them back to everyone

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