Summer In PAIRINdise

Summer is officially here and to celebrate, the PAIRIN team got an early start on all of their summer trips! From touring Norway, to relaxing in Belize, and even sailing across Granada, there has been lots of adventure in the PAIRIN world!

Mary Heck, Senior Customer Success Manager, visited Norway at the beginning of May and made new memories with old friends. We asked her a few things about her big trip below. 

What was the BEST thing you ate?

Mary: We ate SO much softis (soft-serve ice cream), and made sure to try different toppings every time.

What was your favorite site?

Mary: Descending the switchbacks down into Geirangerfjord – seeing goats and llamas was a cherry on top!

What was your favorite memory?

Mary: Generally catching up with old friends and realizing how similar we are at our core / in our values. Coming into this fresh off of a PAIRIN team Values Training was wonderful.  We walked around Bergen (and up 908 steps) and enjoyed an amazing view. The trip was with friends from my NJ high school “Bergen Academies,” so it was fun to be in a different (i.e., better) Bergen with them.

Susan Simpson, Director of Coach Training, and Michael Simpson, CEO,  were lucky enough to slip away from the Denver rain to relax and enjoy some sun and warmth in Belize. Susan told us more about their experiences below.

What was your favorite part of the trip? 

Susan: Next to relaxing and breathing in the ocean air, my favorite part of the trip was our snorkeling/fishing excursion off the coast of Ambergris Caye. The Belize Barrier Reef is a vibrant tapestry of coral and colorful marine life. My heart skipped a beat as a spotted eagle ray gracefully glided beneath me.

What was your favorite meal (food and/or drink) of the trip?

Susan: We enjoyed some fantastic food and drink! One dish that left a lasting impression—the conch ceviche. Our host, Iz, prepared it using the conch we gathered while spearfishing. I’d expected it to have that chewy texture, but it was incredibly tender and juicy.

Any recommendations for people who may go to Belize in the future?

Susan: Yes. The main way of getting around on the island is by golf cart, so rent one and explore. It’s a breezy, quirky, if bumpy, way to explore the nooks and crannies of paradise. You just have to Belize it!

Jared Carlson, PAIRIN Business Development Manager, set sail through Grenada and learned some things along the way.

What was the best thing you ate there?

Jared: Island barbecue with fresh fish, plantains, beans and rice. Yum!

What was your favorite site/part of the trip?

Jared: It was fun to learn the basics of sailing and crewing a sailboat! We had an amazing, experienced crew that was eager to show us the ropes (aka sheets in nautical terms). We visited a number of small islands and coves, but my favorite was exploring the Tobago Keys, where we snorkeled  through beautiful coral and saw sea turtles, octopus and barracuda. Simply stunning!

How was your experience Sleeping on a boat?

Jared: It was more comfortable than I expected! Although the cabins were small, we had more than enough space to relax and sleep well. The sea breeze through the cabin windows and gentle rocking of the boat lulled me right to sleep.

As summer has begun, we have more team members with trips planned all across the world and are excited to share in their experiences of different cultures, food and memories! Stay tuned.