Career Exploration, Academic Planning and Work-based Learning for Your Students

PAIRIN provides middle and high schools with the tools they need to support students in career and academic planning, all while providing teachers, counselors and administration with the data they need to easily manage student career and academic plans, including college and career planning.

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A path toward success

AI-Personalized Career and Education Journeys for Every Student

My Journey helps students make informed decisions about their future. The platform helps students explore their options after college by matching their skills, interests, experience and desires to optimal career paths. Based on each student’s grade and goals, the platform  maps out actionable steps they can take in their career and academic journeys to help them achieve success. The platform’s advanced reporting and dashboards simplify and reduce the workload of counselors and teachers while providing district leaders with aggregate data on student interests to inform programs and course decisions.

“We searched for years for a solution to manage individual learning plans that was flexible, customizable on the fly, and made conversations with counselors efficient and meaningful. My Journey helps our students navigate their career paths with personalized content so they can prepare for any possible path after high school, not just college.”

– Mavis Jackson, Director of College and Career Readiness, Baltimore City Public Schools

Personalized career and education pathing for 6-12 grade students with alternative paths and college applications.

Work-Based Learning Program Management

If you’re giving students the opportunity to experience real-work jobs and build skills for a successful career by integrating work-based learning into your curriculum, My Journey can help manage your programs, employers and processes.

Simple Reporting by Student

School and district administrators can create reports on activities by employer, student, school or district.

Centralized management for WBL Coordinators

Easily manage forms, approvals and referrals, publishing WBL opportunities, communications, for employers and students.

Students explore WBL opportunities

My Journey integrates WBL opportunities directly into personalized career and academic planning (PCAP) through career exploration tools and our Community Catalog. Students can easily search for opportunities that are a good match, favorite them and get support from WBL Coordinators to approve their applications.

Partnering for Program Success

Successful work-based learning programs, especially when implementing at scale district-wide or state-wide, require well-trained WBL Coordinators that are adept at recruiting and managing both students and employers. PAIRIN’s trusted partner for training WBL Coordinators and helping you design successful programs is GPS Education. They have decades of experience in student and adult programs, so you can avoid the pitfalls many programs experience.

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