PAIRIN is a social enterprise company whose mission is to make education relevant and hiring equitable.

Our Why

PAIRIN was founded on the belief that all people have amazing value, but most of us never realize our potential. People are too often put into ill-fitting boxes, told we can’t, won’t and will never be able to attain our dreams. Many people hear this so much they never even dream big, or pursue their goals as if they are truly attainable. At PAIRIN, this is something we want to change.

Our Focus

The PAIRIN team believes that if we can provide the right tools and support to each of these groups, we can remove the barriers that are preventing people and organizations from reaching maximum effectiveness. So, we give our all, every single day, to do what we can to change the way people and work are valued. 

We believe this problem requires solutions for three distinct groups:

INDIVIDUALS must understand their strengths and where they need to be developing skills to attain their goals.

EDUCATORS/COACHES armed with those insights need the tools and expertise to help those in their care bridge those gaps.

EMPLOYERS must value the soft skills that truly matter to job performance so their hiring process can include more people of different paths, and stop using arbitrary elimination criteria that removes entire classes of people from consideration.


PAIRIN is proud to have some pretty remarkable, but Friendly ScienceTM to support soft skills measurement and development. That’s a great reason to partner with us to attain your goals, but it’s not the most important reason to consider. 

Customers choose PAIRIN because we:

  • Consider your unique needs and goals
  • Help you hire great people that you love working with
  • Support you in developing skills at every step

Making Science Friendly

Since our founding, PAIRIN has made complicated science more friendly and accessible to the masses. Drawing from the most validated and well-accepted research in soft skills assessment, PAIRIN has revolutionized behavioral mapping by taking this advanced science and transforming it in an online format that every individual can now benefit from.

PAIRIN’s solution was built upon 60 years of research, 17 years of job performance measurement by the founders and was co-designed with partners from public education, industry, foundations and government.

The PAIRIN Survey consists of adjectives used to describe a person’s behavioral attributes and contains nine internal validity checks. Over the past 17 years, psychologists have successfully replicated virtually all major non-cognitive measures to create the most comprehensive system for assessing soft skills and mindsets in existence.