Empowering Meaningful Careers

Resumes, education and work experience don’t always accurately reflect an individual’s potential, and some people may be held back by their past experiences. But this should never prevent someone from obtaining a meaningful career. That’s why we created career planning and work-based learning tools for workforce development offices and programs to quickly identify an individual’s interests, desires, and skills, so you can co-develop a plan to reach their career goals.

An impact that matters

Solutions to Accelerate Growth

There are a lot of great programs available to help people in their career journeys, but on average, only 5% of workforce center visitors are connected to either training programs or services. If they just get a job, but limited help developing a career, it is difficult to bridge the gap to self-sufficiency. Intelligent systems can make these connections, but although 85% of workforce center visitors have proven they can use online services, most referrals are done manually and not followed up with next steps. And since there is often no closed loop reporting to measure the efficacy of programs how can you ensure good results?

Using our personalized, science-based technology, you can better impact those you serve through the complete view of an individual’s skills, experience, education, interests and desires within a single workforce platform.

“PAIRIN accelerates the growth of our participants by providing targeted lessons that they can immediately apply to their everyday workflow.”

– -Lauren Glantz, Training Specialist, CareerWise

Resources and tools that your staff AND program participants will love

Career exploration and planning tools

Helping the people you serve map their career path with meaningful work and the right training is easy with our career matching algorithms connected to local program databases.

Resume creation and interview prep content

Finding the job is only half the battle. Help jobseekers get and ace the interview with our embedded content, tools and resources.

Connection to work-based learning opportunities and full time employment

Jumping over the fiscal cliff is possible when you connect to work-based learning opportunities and full time employment that are well aligned with experience, skills and needs through My Journey’s Opportunity Catalog.

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