Science-based and Validated

PAIRIN’s science-based technology and tools support the future workforce by personalizing career, education and support resources. We are proud to take part in regular research of own and to be featured in a variety of third-party reports.

students and teacher in classroom working with digital tablet on PAIRIN Curriculum

Research Featuring PAIRIN

Explore how the technology market is poised for innovation and impact.
Soft Skills and Mindsets of Public Charter School and Traditional Public School Teachers
This comparative analysis examines the education system.
Ready by Design: The Science (and Art) of Youth Readiness
Learn more about science behind youth readiness.
The Methodology Behind Integrating Essential College and Career Skills Into Everyday Curricula
Understand PAIRIN’s Curriculum.
Competency-Based Hiring: The Key to Recruiting and Retaining Successful Employees
Learn the key to recruiting and retaining successful employees.
The State of Colorado Talent Pipeline Report (2017)
How Colorado used tools to support their talent pipeline.
Behavioral Attributes and Mind-sets in Workforce and Entrepreneurship Programs
A feasibility study about behavioral attributes and mindsets.
The Age of Agility: Education Pathways for the Future of Work
Explore education pathways for the future of work.

Additional Resources

PAIRIN’s research-based essential skill assessment, user-friendly platform, and career resources enhance how an impact can be made whether it’s in education, business, or workforce. Our personalized approach is all about tailoring content to meet the needs of students, citizens and professionals alike.

Workforce Development

Empower your team to help clients understand their skill sets, chart a personalized journey and arrive prepared to succeed.


Connect the people you serve to the education and career planning resources they need to direct their own future.


Career planning tools for students that strengthen their skills and lead to their brightest outcomes.