Build Stronger Teams

By identifying the essential skills (also known as soft skills) that make someone successful at your company and setting professional development plans from day one, you can find and keep employees that will deeply impact your business.

Every leader can become a coach
PAIRIN Pro software for government and workforce development

The Ultimate Coaching and Development Tool

With PAIRIN, you can easily prioritize the professional development of your employees with access to tailored coaching support tools and the ability to track your employees’ growth over time. You can view charts that display your team members’ skills and download reports to help facilitate development discussions and coaching sessions.

PAIRIN makes professional development easy with our skills assessment, built-in coaching tools and online curriculum.

Personalized, Skills-based, Online Curriculum for Your Employees

PAIRIN’s online skills curriculum helps develop your team in their individually defined areas of need to advance their professional development. These skills training lessons are available across 54 skills and are divided into 300 micro-lessons for on-demand access. They are self-paced and can easily be accessed via phone, tablet or desktop for convenient and targeted skill-building.

Comprehensive Professional Development

PAIRIN equips businesses with the full spectrum of professional development tools – from the initial skills measurement survey and development planning tools to the  coaching tips and insights to online curriculum. We work alongside you to ensure you are building the right skills to make every employee successful. Businesses love PAIRIN because we:

Assess critical soft skills like problem solving and critical thinking in less than 10 minutes

Personalize online curriculum recommendations based on skill gaps

Offer built-in coaching tips for managers and leaders

Deliver advanced reporting to track individual skill growth 

Provide deep insights into every employee’s skills and behaviors

“I tell people to use PAIRIN because it works! PAIRIN provides a great depiction of people and reflects their behavior accurately. Having that level of insight allows me to create action plans to improve employee performance.”

– Roy Dockery, VP of Customer Care, Swisslog

Decrease your company turnover by finding and keeping the best employees.


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