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We are experts at large-scale government change. My Journey is the only platform that provides government entities with the data and processes to help beneficiaries, professionals and policymakers to make wise decisions and to communicate effectively.

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My Journey is changing the way workforce and education connect to foster a seamless, rewarding and relevant journey for students and career-seekers. The best-in-breed platform unifies the multiple systems of record for each individual and allows any person, regardless of demographics and needs, to get a personalized experience along their education and career path.

“My Journey allows us to connect clients to the workforce services most relevant to their needs. It brings access to resources from across workforce agencies into one place and streamlines the referral process.”

– George Taratsas, Director of WIOA Administration and Compliance and Lead Staff of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development

My Journey: How Workforce and Education Connect

Provides a complete view of the people you serve

Reduces redundancy for individuals and professionals

Customizations require no coding and make any entity agile

Quickly connects residents to the services they need

Making career and education pathways personalized, informed and efficient

Learn how My Journey connects career, education and support services.

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