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The My Journey platform facilitates personalized workforce and education connections to foster rewarding and relevant journeys for students and job seekers.

My Journey is the only platform that connects user data across systems for a unified learning and employment record and customizable workflows to personalize the experience for each person.

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Personalized, Informed, Efficient.

My Journey creates personalized career paths for individuals and reduces the administrative burden for the professionals that guide them along the way. Our AI-personalized career and education matching, labor exchange and case management enable workforce organizations to intelligently connect the people they serve to careers, programs and jobs.

“Connecting students and job seekers to meaningful career paths not only matters for economic prosperity, but also for improving intergenerational poverty and immobility. Critical for both aims is accurate and integrated education and workforce data. PAIRIN’s My Journey platform does just that; it allows agency partners, business leaders, and state policymakers to make objective, data-informed decisions regarding educational programs, job placement and services.”

– Dr. Henry Mack, Former Senior Chancellor for Higher Education and Workforce Development at the Florida Department of Education

Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Explore how My Journey is designed to support you and those you serve every step of the way.

My Career

Identify optimal careers and personalized paths that match each individual’s skills, experience and interests, with tools to get more job interviews.

My Job Center

A one stop shop for employers and job seekers to connect.

My Pro Center

Comprehensive case management of eligibility, outcome tracking and warm hand off referrals to services and education programs, reducing the administrative burden on professionals.

My Professional Center

Education: Career and academic counselors can easily manage student career and academic plans, including college and career planning.

Workforce: Comprehensive case management with intelligent referrals to services and education programs that reduce the burden on professionals, improve impact reporting and optimize resource allocation.

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