The Coaching Pathway: Improve Your Skills to Impact More Lives

Whether you’re a manager, teacher, counselor or aspiring coach, you can help the people and groups you most care about to overcome challenges and achieve lasting results by enhancing your coaching skills.

Built by master coaches for developing coaches, this online course focuses on the skills you need to make the most out of every coaching conversation. We cover how coaching differs from other services like consulting, counseling, therapy and mentoring. There is a strong focus on the development of basic coaching skills or core competencies, including listening, questioning, designing and carrying out actions.

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Meet your Instructor: Cheryl Meredith

Cheryl completed her Ph.D. in Business Organization and Management with a focus in Emotional Intelligence in Executive Leaders and also earned her Masters in Counseling. She has extensive Executive Human Resource Leadership experience with more than 21 years of leading nationally and internationally in the nonprofit sector. Cheryl completed certifications as both a Global and Senior HR Professional. She has worked as a Senior Human Resources Executive, responsible for more than $80 million, overseeing 2,700 employees in 56 countries, as well as legal and ethical compliance. She supports a coach approach to leadership, team building, conflict resolution, superior job fit processes, major realignment and cultural change processes.

As a coaching professional for more than 25 years, Cheryl has worked to build the coaching skills in leaders for international assignments and trained coaches around the world. She is passionate about seeing people understand and optimize their abilities, talents and capacity to make the greatest contribution possible in their spheres of influence and be their very best.

“This class has helped me refine my approaches to ‘listening’ and ‘asking big questions’ as well as given me other tools that are very valuable to the coaching process, allowing me to make a much larger impact on the students I coach.”

– Laura Beving, Director of Career Services, Upstream Impact

The Coaching Pathway

In this course, you will learn to support, encourage and empower others by building your coaching skills. You’ll gain new resources, make better decisions, become effective in 1:1 conversations, set smart goals and discover paths to achieve them. You will walk away equipped to help those you serve to overcome barriers to professional advancement or vocational fulfillment and relate in a more productive and positive manner.

Course Participants

This course is for managers, teachers, counselors, parents or anyone who wants to help others.


The course includes 5 hours of live online class time, 5 hours of practice, 5 hours of preparation and completing assignments, and a final examination.

Upcoming Dates

Wednesdays from 12-1 p.m. MT for 5 weeks with a TBD start date.

Cost: $750

Start making a broader impact on those you serve today by strengthening your coaching skills

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