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cupcake with a sparkler
The Year of 30
I’ve always been the youngest of my friends. When you have a September birthday, you’re either the youngest or the oldest by default. Each year, my birthday was ...
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Cabin surrounded by snow
Adversity Adventure
Things went wrong from the start. Ross, my adventure partner, had arrived the night before at the Denver International Airport where I had the pleasure of informing him ...
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My Friend, The Wild
After a 52-hour journey to Patagonia National Park, I joined 8 other stellar women on a 60-mile adventure to traverse the park. Thanks to the Tompkins Conservation ...
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Stunning and Humbling
Three days of frolicking in alpine meadows covered in a blanket of wildflowers, sleeping on uneven ground and focusing entirely on putting one foot in front of the other. ...
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Front Row
This weekend, we sat front row at Red Rocks for the Avett Brothers concert. From start to finish, it was the most amazing concert experience I have had yet. When we were ...
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