Why We Love Skills (And You Should, Too!)

Whenever we meet with teachers, we ask them to name the top 3 skills required to be successful in their jobs. Less than 5% in any size group name even one academic skills. They name skills that have never been prescribed in traditional school curriculum.

“Those skills might get you in the door, but they aren’t what keep you there.” — Michael Simpson, CEO and Co-founder of PAIRIN

We focus on the other skills, what we call the essential skills of success, because they create a holistic understanding of how someone can really achieve success. We realized all the other skills taught in school, like reading and math, aren’t the end-all factor for success today. ACT or SAT test scores don’t need to define student success anymore. Rather, success is determined by the character behind the person, how they react to change, how they view learning or thinking —things you never really learn in school, but wish you did.

At PAIRIN, we love skills because they tell you where you are right now — in your development, learning, and growth — and tell you where to go next. Our system shows where you land on a scale for 105 skills. We makes it easy for you to understand what you’re AWESOME at, and what needs some attention.

Ever been curious about how you compare on your critical thinking or perseverance? US TOO.

Everything about PAIRIN is based on validated research and measurement. We call it Friendly Science, because data that isn’t usable wastes time and money. Over 70 years of research and testing went into creating our easy to use and easy to understand tool.

The core to our success is simple: you. We want to make education more relevant for everyone — employers, students, teachers — and make it so you can identify priorities for development.

And that’s why we care about skills and about your growth.

Everyone should have the tools they need to succeed. At PAIRIN, we know the key is measuring all the essential skills of success.

Take our free survey online and find out how you measure on these skills!