Vlog 3: Change the Way Students Are Educated

What Education Means for Businesses

Our next vlog explores the divide in conversation between business leaders and educators. Have you ever struggled finding the perfect new employee? Your dreams of a fresh graduate, who has bright eyes and is ready for the workplace, never seem to pan out, do they? Or, have you ever wondered what the best way to get your students ready for careers? If both groups want more prepared students, then why does it seem there’s a lack in collaboration between these two groups?

Listen here about the way to change your pipeline to find that talent you so desire. Michael Simpson, our CEO, discusses the disconnect he experiences every day, and how career placement could be very different.

“If it was true these skills could be “caught”, then no business would ever have to teach collaboration and teamwork.” — Michael Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN

Critical thinking, leadership, and social skills are so essential to students to be ready for their next steps in life, but rarely are the private sector and schools collaborating to build better students.

People assume these are skills that you just naturally learn. In sports, in group projects, and at home — everyone has had to practice these skills. But, there’s rarely any true curriculum taught to students about how to work in teams, how to motivate others, how to be creative. And when they enter the workforce without having an understanding of how to use or flex these skills and behaviors, it creates a divide between groups that should be working together.

“Twenty-one percent of employers surveyed by CareerBuilder said they did not feel that schools were doing enough to prepare students for the working world.” 5 Essential Skills College Grads Need to Get a Decent Job, Cheat Sheet, May 1, 2015.

At PAIRIN, our mission is to make education more relevant by providing predictability in all this — not just to educators and students, but to their future employers. We want these students to recognize and take pride in their abilities. When career readiness skills are taught, schools get well rounded students, businesses get more qualified employees, and everyone becomes just a bit more aware with a greater sense of understanding and perspective.

There are great organizations around Colorado that bridge these two groups together. Colorado Succeeds(@CoSucceeds) is made up of the business leaders of Colorado, who have joined forces, to make sure the education system works better and smarter for all the people of Colorado.

Until students are actually taught these skills, businesses are going to continue complaining. So, it really comes down to two things:

What can Education do for Business?
What can Businesses do for Education?