PAIRIN makes us more confident that the people we bring on won’t fail the culture test three months down the line

Lee Mayer, CEO and Founder of Havenly, talks about what she’s experienced in finding and hiring the perfect employees. Listen to some of her struggles and insights here!

“Hi I’m Lee Mayer. I’m the CEO and co-Founder of Havenly and Havenly is interior design all online for one low flat fee.

I think what’s really unique about the Heavenly culture is that we’re really focused on over-performance, but also maintaining a sense of fun.

The biggest challenge as a CEO is always figuring out what skills and talents you need to solve a problem. And for us, it’s important to know where people’s inherent skills are.

Knowing our employees best skills, and areas for development, help us identify who’s going to be good certain things but also what we need to sure up from a management perspective to make sure they are getting the support they need.

PAIRIN has helped us identify that all our top performers are have a mix of optimism, flexibility, they’re really responsible, and extraordinarily playful.

It’s really important to find people that are willing to dig in, work hard, and also let it go a little bit. We made a lot of hiring mistakes. I had to fire people. That’s the hardest thing in the world.

PAIRIN has given us the confidence to, even before someone starts working with us, or before we give an offer to someone, identify whether or not the individual has the skills and competences necessary to fit into our very unique culture.”