Catch us at Close It Summit 2016!

We are beyond excited to be presenting at the Close It Summit and to also have a booth there!

If you don’t know the Close It Summit, first look here. This year’s theme is “Shift Happens: No Turning Back”. We’re all about looking forward and creating change, so the conference is kind of right up our alley. Plus, the whole conference is centered around what is happening in competency-based education, training, and hiring — which also happen to be our three favorite areas to work in!

Our presentation is called “How Workforce Readiness Programs Leverage Behavioral Profiles to Overcome Barriers to Employment.” and will be on Wed Oct 5. at 4:15pm on Stage A in the Reunion Foyer and Trinity Crossing area.

Using employment technologies, competency-based assessments, and improved hiring practices, participants will learn how these programs have been effective in identifying behavioral patterns of interns and program participants and matching them to optimal job placements.

We’re presenting alongside Laura Beving from Neighborhoods Without Poverty. We’re so excited and look forward to the great stories Laura will also bring to the presentation!

If you’re headed to Dallas as well, please check out our booth! We’ll be handing out some special offers there (secret until the conference, hope you understand). You could even see a sneak peak at all our new products, specifically PAIRIN Personal and PAIRIN Lite (!!!)

Stay tuned for more about the Close It Summit as it gets closer.