What We Do

PAIRIN believes every person has intrinsic, often untapped value.

Most folks are stuck in ill-fitting roles, don’t believe or realize their potential, and are never sufficiently challenged to attain what is possible. At times everyone needs wise counsel to develop, and counselors need insight, tools, support, and resources. That’s where PAIRIN comes in. Whether for teachers, counselors, coaches, hiring managers, or recruiters, PAIRIN is committed to delivering the resources, insights, and training to assist those responsible for helping others develop.

Science and methodology

Everything starts with behaviors and characteristics.

The process begins with a 15-minute survey built on more than 60 years of psychological research. From a respondent’s selections, PAIRIN builds a behavioral profile of an individual: What are her strengths? Where does he struggle? Where is the greatest opportunity for improvement? How well will she fit in with an existing team? In education settings, the application then provides a methodology (including exercises, modules, and lessons) for teaching essential skills that can be embedded in existing academic-focused curriculae.

Skills Measurement

Are your students ready for college or a career? Which essential skills do they still need to develop? The PAIRIN Survey gives you a full profile of each student’s non-academic skillset. With that profile in hand, you’ll know what to focus on in the classroom to help students most in the real world.

We’re the first system to develop and measure the essential skills of success.

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