PAIRIN Launches Bi-Monthly Essential Skills Webinar

PAIRIN Launches Bi-Monthly Essential Skills Webinar

PAIRIN continues to establish itself as a thought leader in essential skills development with bi-monthly webinar hosted series.

Cloud-based essential skills start-up PAIRIN launches yet another venture in a continued drive as a leader in the EC skills integration and management market with a bi-monthly webinar series.

Led by PAIRIN’s in-house Director of Readiness Curriculum at PAIRIN, Tara Laughlin, Ed.D.,  the 45-minute webinar sessions take users through the basics of how integrating essential skills into collegiate preparation curriculum continues to be a market trend and focus. Essential skills are becoming increasingly demanded specifically into a school district’s ESSA compliance, and PAIRIN offers not only measurement tools, but curriculum outlines to get educators where they need to be.

This webinar series allows users to learn and receive proprietary knowledge and training in essential skills development. Users will learn the following key elements:

  • Basics of PAIRIN methodology for effective essential skills curriculum integration.
  • Examples of engaging lesson plans, teacher guides and student exercises in real world examples.
  • An opportunity to receive free rubrics for assessing and tracking student growth.

PAIRIN’s unique approach to essential skills measurement and curriculum integration continues to be invaluable in a time where educators are being charged with higher education standards. Offering a real-time demonstration of Dr. Laughlin’s curriculum integration methodology, this is additional demonstration of PAIRIN taking leadership within the market of education to promote essential skills teaching along with it’s research-based principles and strategy.


PAIRIN is a social enterprise software company with offices in Denver, CO and Austin, TX. Their mission is to make education more relevant for students and their future employers.

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