Teacher’s Notes: Kara, a 6th Grade English Teacher

“I have been using the PAIRIN methodology in my classroom for two years and I have just seen so much growth in my students.

I had a kiddo who just really struggled socially and emotionally especially in groups with peers. And after introducing these skills to him and working on them one on one with him and helping him exercise them in smaller groups when we get to bigger groups he was really helpful to his group and able to be a contributor.

This importance of teaching students social emotional wellness is so that your educating the whole child. So it’s not just content but ways to function in any situation.

We need to practice what we preach. And so if we’re teaching students that Communication is important, collaboration is important, getting along, thinking critically is important then we need to show that in our teaching.

I think I am a much better teacher for teaching these skills to my students. I think that it’s real world for them and it’s applicable in most situations so the buy-in a little bit better.

I would recommendation anyone take a professional development course with Dr. Laughlin because she is enthusiastic about what she does and she loves children. And that is presented through her teaching. She is very patient, she is very kind and she is very knowledgeable.”

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