Using PAIRIN for Student Development

Suzanne Metlink

We interviewed Suzanne Mentlik, Post-Secondary & Career Coordinator from Jeffco Virtual Academy to learn more about her experience administering PAIRIN to students in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Here is what she had to say:

Q: How long have you been using PAIRIN?

A: JeffCo School System has been using PAIRIN since June of 2018 and we, JeffCo Virtual Academy, have been using PAIRIN since February 2019 with students enrolled in our Career Explore Internship program!

Q: What PAIRIN Products do you use?

A: We are using PAIRIN Pro and the online high school curriculum. The online curriculum has been a great fit for our virtual students. We especially love having the students take the survey to understand their individual behaviors and mindsets. It was very interesting to learn about and helpful to know for instruction going forward.

Q: What is your favorite thing about PAIRIN?

A: The online curriculum content is fantastic – it is easy to use and has engaging features for students. It is a great fit for our students and helps them build their skill sets prior to beginning their internships.

Q: How has PAIRIN positively impacted your organization?

A: PAIRIN has helped our students become self-reflective. We discuss how what they learned in the lessons can impact the world of work and it provokes thoughtfulness about their actions and behaviors in the workplace. The option of having the lessons virtually has greatly helped us. While we do have one on-campus (in-person) day per week, students typically attend classes online.

Q: What would you say to a friend who was considering using PAIRIN?

A: PAIRIN has wonderful online lessons – they are short, impactful and engaging for students. I found it easy to incorporate into our internship program.

We are proud to work with Suzanne and the entire Jeffco Virtual Academy team to help students reach their future potential.

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