Time to Flip the Hiring Process

There are times when an ideal candidate turns into a nightmare employee, despite all the effort and time spent in hiring. The candidate and the hiring managers are not to blame; it’s the process – it’s backwards.

Michael L. Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN, Inc. argues organizations that are dissatisfied with the results for the amount of effort put into the hiring process should consider flipping the whole thing around.

According to Simpson, there are four signs indicating it is time to flip the hiring process:

  1. The primary criterion for filtering candidates is based on resumes, skills, education, references and interviews
  2. Feeling surprise over a candidate not working out
  3. Experiencing a high turnover, low retention rate for employees
  4. New hires become low performers

To improve this process, he wants these enterprises to decide to start with people, not historical data, since that is the end goal anyway.

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