PAIRIN Launches Two New Web-Based Hiring Solutions

PAIRIN, Inc. recently launched two new pre-employment selection solutions for small businesses: Job PAIRIN and Employee PAIRIN. Job PAIRIN is designed to “flip” the hiring process by emphasizing behavioral traits and design first, followed by experience and other considerations. Employee PAIRIN allows small organizations and departments to compare a final few top applicants to their highest-performing employee.

“PAIRIN enables hiring managers to flip their hiring process by allowing them to focus on identifying candidates like their top employee, rather than dealing with the typical guesswork,” Michael L. Simpson, CEO co-founder of PAIRIN, said. “PAIRIN’s solutions complement the responsibilities of business owners, HR personnel and all hiring managers, making it easier to quickly identify best potential hires based on specific characteristics, instead of relying so heavily on reading lots of resumes. With PAIRIN, you can make the most informed decision possible —it’s like fishing in a stocked pond.”

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