The True Survival Guide to ISTE 2016

Are you going to ISTE 2016? WE ARE. Hope to see you there!

Yes, we are maybe a bit too excited. But, yes, you should be too. The International Society for Technology in Education Conference & Expo is NEXT WEEK.

Ed Tech innovators and teachers, from around the world, all coming to Denver to talk about learning and growth, helping students achieve more, and listen to inspiring stories about innovation in education.

Next week is going to be BIG. We’re a bit overwhelmed by the number of sessions happening all week (over 300 !!!). And, with all our office buzz about speakers and sessions to attend, we’ve created a list for you of what we’re most excited about. So, here’s some highlights we are looking forward to. Come join us!

Opening Keynote with Michio Kaku (Sunday June 26, 5:45-7pm, Bellco Theatre) What a unique guy to bring to an Ed Tech conference. Dr. Kaku, described as a futurist and theoretical physicist, is examining the mysteries of the human brain in this opening to the expo. He’s going to talk about how advanced technologies will help in these discoveries of the brain. We expect this to be quite an opening speech and can’t wait for the inspiration he is going to generate in the group.

Teachers Know Best! Is Anyone Listening? Panel (Monday June 27 8:30-9:30am, CCC 601) Teachers are what drive the classroom. It’s under their direction that student success can be made, so let’s listen to their opinions on Ed Tech and what they need. We hope their recommendations in this panel session on Monday morning will be helpful as we plan our future.

The Kids Are All Right! Student Voices in the Ed Tech World Today (Tuesday June 28 12:30–1:30pm, CCC 607) Students are the reason we’re all here, right? At this panel, students from various Colorado districts will share their opinions on Ed Tech. They’re going to provide another perspective worth exploring, and we’re looking forward to a candid conversation about the use of devices, social media, and assessments from the student’s view.

Closing Keynote with Michelle Cordy (Wednesday June 29 2:45–4pm, Bellco Theatre) No, we aren’t just excited about the closing keynote because it’s the last day. Michelle Cordy uses technology in her classroom in a different way, and it looks to us like she’ll have some unique advice on adapting the classroom to fit the needs of individual students, and overcoming challenges. We’re interested in her discovery based teaching style and look forward to hearing more of her story.

Finally, don’t forget to stop by our booth #4421 to check out local Denver artist Armando Silva (Art Man Do) paint a mural reflecting all the innovative thoughts being generated at ISTE 2016. Visit us and we’ll give you tips from Denver natives on what to do around Denver (ever heard of The Source?). You can obviously stay a while in our space and watch Artmando work. And we will definitely have the comfiest couch in the exhibit hall.

Drink plenty of water, explore, and we’ll see you there! Looking forward to it!