See you at SXSWedu in March 2017!

Our CEO, Michael Simpson, is going to be moderating a panel of experts on entrepreneurship, answering the question “Are entrepreneurs born or made?” What’s your opinion on the issue? Comment below on what you think!

And, in the meantime (since March is a bit far away), check out our session here.


How is the Entrepreneurialism Mindset Developed?


Are entrepreneurs made or born? Pulling from data collected about successful entrepreneurs, this panel will consider the shared attitudes and behaviors of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs seize opportunities, while leveraging qualities such as assertiveness, innovation, and tolerance for stress. However, they also face challenges that are unique to their path to success. We will explore how certain characteristics will benefit students and the ways in which an entrepreneurial mindset can support students in the classroom. This panel is composed of school leaders and successful entrepreneurs to answer how to pursue an entrepreneurial mindset and what can be learned that is relevant for education.


Tonika Cheek Clayton, Managing Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund

Nasir Qadree, Head of Education at Village Capital

Nicole Gravagna, Authour of Mindset your Manners

Jon Bell, Chairman of Launch High School