Project: BeReady Selects PAIRIN as Survey for New Validated Measurement System

Designed to Predict College and Career Preparedness

PAIRIN, Inc., the Talent Science Company, today announced it has been selected by education consortium Project: BeReady as the tool of measurement for its initiative.

Ensuring secondary education students acquire 21st Century life and work skills, Project: BeReady is comprised of organizations ranging from national foundations to small businesses and education institutions. The initiative plans to develop the first validated measurement of attitudes, motivations and proficiencies predictive of academic and career success and has chosen PAIRIN’s technology to calculate this measurement.

Executed over the first half of 2014, Phase One of Project: BeReady measured the effectiveness of PAIRIN’s survey. Results showed the latest versions of the test increased internal validity across numerous demographics and with low reference bias – a problem that no student-based behavioral survey has effectively addressed to date. These results give Project: BeReady Planning Partners confidence in moving forward to surveying 10,000 or more students across the country by fall 2014, with open adoption scheduled for fall 2015.

“As Colorado continues to strive toward being the most innovative state in the nation we must work to educate and train Coloradans to earn employment in high tech fields,” said Stephanie Steffens, director, Colorado Workforce Development Council. “Preparing our workforce to fill the gaps businesses identify as critical would be a lot easier if we could better innovate in education by measuring the behaviors that lead to success.”

PAIRIN offers a graphical, 10-20-minute self-descriptive checklist taken by students at the beginning of the year. The survey will be administered two to three times throughout the school year to gauge progress made on student development and provide useful information for students, teachers, families and administrators.

Results provide teachers with the ability to focus specific approaches and lessons to student development in order to make the learning process more personalized and engaging, providing a future platform for educators to share best practices.

For more information about how to participate in the initiative or about PAIRIN’s software, please visit or

About PAIRIN, Inc.:

PAIRIN, Inc. – the Talent Science Company – is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that automates the process of measuring the behaviors that lead to success in life and work. PAIRIN was established to help people, and organizations built on people, reach their full potential by identifying optimal career pathways and providing the information necessary for experts to build better academic and professional development programs.

About Project: BeReady:

Project: BeReady is a consortium of various organizations that share the common goal to ensure today’s secondary education students acquire the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st Century. Using the PAIRIN, Inc. survey, the program approaches this goal through a measurement perspective to help initiatives and educators everywhere establish the most effective 21st century skills educational programs. The goal of the initiative is to provide guidance to schools to tailor educational programs and experiences that will develop its students and set school-wide and individual developmental goals based on data.

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Michael Simpson Co-founder & CEO, PAIRIN (970) 389-4610

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