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PAIRIN Pro is an all-inclusive coaching and development tool that dynamically matches people to optimal job profiles and training programs, identifies individual skill gaps, and provides tools and resources to help develop those skills to ensure each person reaches their full potential.

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Maximize potential in others

The Skills-based Approach

Using proven science to provide organizations with all the tools to assess essential skills (also known as soft skills), identify areas for development and track growth over time, PAIRIN Pro is the most comprehensive and accurate workforce development tool in existence.

A career coaching platform to help every individual reach their potential

Measure Your Impact

The attributes and mindsets PAIRIN measures include essential skills like initiative, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, productivity, grit and interpersonal skills. The graphically friendly way the results are delivered encourages individuals to identify areas for growth and take actionable steps to move them toward their personal and professional destination. The PAIRIN system maps each individual’s goals for career or educational programs to performance “targets.”

The Ultimate Development Tool

College and Career Readiness

PAIRIN provides a solution for education institutions and workforce development programs to measure and develop the essential (soft) skills that are over 75% of the reason people succeed in work and life. By helping individuals understand their strengths, identifying skill gaps, and providing curriculum to bridge those gaps, PAIRIN Pro is breaking down barriers to employment.

Professional Development

View individual coaching tips based on each person’s skill gaps to help develop a customized professional development plan. With PAIRIN Pro, you will gain access to tailored coaching support tools and the ability to track each individual’s growth over time. You can also take advantage of additional program features such as downloadable reports and options for comparing and viewing individuals in charts and graphs.

Individual And Corporate Coaching

PAIRIN Pro enables coaches to impact individual and group clients more deeply and efficiently. The PAIRIN Survey quickly identifies essential (soft) skill gaps as well as each individual’s willingness to develop in each quality, allowing you to establish instant rapport and chart pathways for growth from the very first session.  With our reports, you can sit with coachees to discuss specific areas of growth and show encouraging growth over time. PAIRIN Pro’s built-in coaching tips and insights help coaches accurately interpret data to communicate clearly and effectively with each individual.

“PAIRIN provides us insight into the teen moms we work with and how they see themselves while simultaneously providing us with curriculum, questions and coaching to help them grow.”

– Kailey Ramsett, Personal Growth Educator, Hope House of Colorado

 PAIRIN makes behavioral science friendly and usable.


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