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Personalized essential skills insights that will accelerate your awareness and path to success. In addition to skills data, you can search for a specific occupation and PAIRIN automatically personalizes curriculum recommendations from over 300 online micro-lessons designed to develop 54 different soft skills.

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Take the 10-minute PAIRIN survey to find out your unique strengths and dive deeper into your skills. You can share your results on social media and add them to your resume. Access PAIRIN’s online courses to take the right steps toward your future goals and gain the skills to get the job you desire!

Organizations can opt to have a “My Development” section in PAIRIN Personal dashboards to identify recommended soft skills curriculum to accelerate career goals.

Understand your personal strengths in less than 10 minutes. 

Know Your Strengths and Develop the Right Skills

Once you complete the PAIRIN Survey, within seconds you will have access to your own personalized dashboard. The dashboard will help you effectively talk about your strengths. Your dashboard will provide insights on your unique strengths called your Top 4 Qualities which include:

  • The Thinking Style: How you perceive and process information
  • The Driver: A strong desire that motivates your behavior
  • The EQ Competency: A predictor of workplace performance and personal excellence
  • The Guiding Virtue: What you practice when helping others and yourself

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“PAIRIN is a unique social enterprise. Not only can they help people reach their potential more quickly, their system is clearly founded on the principle that every individual is uniquely valuable.”

– Katlyn, Student, Stanford University

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