Develop the Skills for Success

With 300 online micro-lessons and 54 soft skills classroom lessons tailored for students or adults, PAIRIN’s Curriculum is a comprehensive and personalized essential skills development program.

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Focus on what matters

Explore Why Essential Skills Matter

Essential (soft) skills are changeable, enabling individuals to learn and grow in desired areas.

Personalized essential skills curriculum that supports individual growth and development.

Personalized Curriculum for Personalized Growth

Using the results from The PAIRIN Survey, individuals receive personalized curriculum based on their career goals and skill gaps. Lessons can be tailored to individual or group goals.

  • Online Curriculum – Skill lessons are delivered in an online, personalized learning format where each individual completes lessons based on their specific skill gaps at their own pace.
  • In-Person Curriculum – 54 essential skills classroom lessons are taught to groups live and in-person by an individual who is trained by PAIRIN. Each lesson includes a teacher’s guide, PPT presentations, handouts, notes, exercises and a rubric.

What Makes PAIRIN’s Curriculum Effective?

Targeted to individual growth goals

Self-paced online lessons

Competency-based, personalized learning

Access on all platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop)

“It is widely recognized that people need more than academic knowledge to be successful in life, especially in our diverse, ever-changing global landscape. Soft skills like grit, empathy, critical thinking, problem solving and self-confidence are essential to success.”

– Tara Laughlin, Ed. D.

Help address individual essential skill gaps with personalized curriculum. 


Curriculum Training
Gain an understanding of PAIRIN Curriculum Training.
Attributes Measured
Learn about the 100+ attributes that PAIRIN measures.
PAIRIN Curriculum Overview
Gain a general understanding of PAIRIN Curriculum.
Curriculum Methodology
Understand the PAIRIN Curriculum Methodology.
Teacher’s Guide: Decision Making
Learn about the PAIRIN Survey and essential skill development.

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