PAIRIN’s Data Integration, Case Management & Referral System

CommunityPro Suite, the latest addition to the PAIRIN family, is a one-of-a-kind solution to provide increased coordination and reporting among federal workforce development boards, educational institutions and other related programs.

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Designed by case managers, for case managers
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Every Program and Agency. One Report.

By lifting data from multiple existing legacy source systems, CommunityPro Suite creates a comprehensive customer record in one application. The result is a multi-agency case management and referral system that integrates data from various source systems to provide more visibility to residents and the staff who support them regarding what is available and appropriate for their needs.

Increasing communication and collaboration to help individuals of all backgrounds pursue their dreams.

Fueling Data-Informed Connections and Decision-Making

CommunityPro Suite extends case management beyond workforce centers and helps educational institutions, employers and other workforce programs coordinate their efforts. It allows agencies to continue using the source system they are comfortable with while gaining access to data that helps them better understand their clients’ needs, including how and where they are being served and what is the best pathway to achieve their goals.

Your Unified Solution for WIOA Reporting, Referral Coordination and Case Management

Stress-free Compliance

Rest well knowing your reports meet the latest state requirements, performance indices and federal standards.

A Unified System Across Agencies

With one universal intake, one digital filing cabinet and one unduplicated record, CommunityPro Suite makes coordination and organization easier for both the client and the staff.

Streamlined Case Management

Case managers use the plans, reminders, intake and referral information as part of their daily responsibilities to ensure no ball is dropped and all clients get the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Enhanced Administrative Reporting

Gain insight into how the system is being used, transactions, pathways of the clients as well as aggregated data drawn from various source systems to create a comprehensive data set.

“CommunityPro Suite enables workforce professionals to have a holistic view across workforce, education and government systems so they can provide the best career and education resources tailored perfectly for each individual they serve.”

– Michael Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN

Integrated data for enhanced inter-agency collaboration

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