PAIRIN Selected as Participant for White House Opportunity Project Event

PAIRIN joins 29 other non-government and student team participants in the opportunity to present their innovative tools created to address a variety of social topics geared to connect individuals on jobs, education, and more.

In collaboration with The US Department of Labor and the Workforce Data Initiative, PAIRIN has developed an equitable real-time JobSeeker dashboard that allows job applicants to match with their ideal professional opportunity based on their essential skills. These essential skills, or “soft skills” measure a variety of qualities from strengths, virtues, emotional intelligence as well as mindsets and motivators. After the measurement phase, the Jobseeker tool then matches a candidate based on their strengths to an opportunity within live jobs on popular job boards.

Matching candidates to their ideal job is only half of the process that PAIRIN has developed. The second half includes providing insights and coaching tips on areas in which the applicant can improve. The user is able to identity a job that they will ultimately value and in turn be the best fit based on their essential skills evaluation. This matching tool is initially being targeted towards individuals within the military who are recently entering the workforce, or military spouses who have encountered relocation complications, which can oftentimes reflect negatively on an applicant’s resume.

The US Department of Labor and Workforce Data Initiative partnership is a continuing trend of the national recognition and accolades that PAIRIN has recently received. PAIRIN had the opportunity to present this idea to the White House West Wing Leadership Committee, which ultimately resulted in their participation and recognition at the Opportunity Project Event.

PAIRIN continues to lead a valuable narrative in the measurement and value of essential skills within today’s workforce. Applicants and existing employees are now being offered the opportunity to match with their ideal job opportunity based on their existing strengths, and not just based on what the job description entails. This effort is transforming the job market by focusing employers and job seekers on the skills that matter most to create a path to success. The Opportunity Project event offers the ability to showcase the staggering data and successes that PAIRIN has had in incorporating essential skills in job selection and placement for employers across the nation.

The Opportunity Project expands access to opportunity for all Americans by putting data and digital tools in the hands of families, communities and local leaders, to help them navigate information about the resources they need to thrive. For more information on The Opportunity Project, visit


PAIRIN is a social enterprise software company with offices in Denver, CO and Austin, TX. Their mission is to make education more relevant for students and their future employers. The PAIRIN Readiness Management SystemTM is the world’s first cloud-based solution for integrating essential skills development, measurement and growth tracking into any curriculum or job.

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