PAIRIN Releases New Personalized Soft Skills Curriculum Featuring 300 Online, Self-Paced Lessons for Adults and High School Students

Today, at the National Career Pathways Network Annual Conference, PAIRIN announced a new release of its leading personalized soft skills development program, designed to expand soft skills competencies for career seekers and professionals. This collection of over 300 online micro-lessons builds upon the company’s original competency-based learning curriculum that includes Credly badging, and now includes versions for both adults and high school students ages 14 and above, an engaging social learning experience, embedded and video-based practice activities, instructor grading and feedback, and integration into any SCORM-compliant LMS.

PAIRIN’s online soft skills curriculum offers highly interactive, personalized learning based on the individual skills gaps or career goals for each student, career seeker or professional. The 300 online micro-lessons encompass the most comprehensive soft skills curriculum ever created and are designed to develop 54 different soft skills, such as critical thinking, grit and accountability. Focusing on changeable soft skills, PAIRIN’s curriculum enables individuals to learn and grow in desired areas.

“These new added features elevate PAIRIN’s curriculum to include an array of cutting-edge functionality, creating the highest-level learning experience for users,” said Michael Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN. “By personalizing soft skills development, we are able to allow businesses, schools, workforce development programs and government agencies to upskill those they serve to ensure they reach their potential and find meaningful work,” Michael added.

The newly added features include a wide array of social learning through discussion boards, peer feedback, video interaction and social sharing capabilities. The curriculum also includes both guided and independent practice, ongoing self-assessment, as well as printable workbooks and assignments.


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