PAIRIN Acquires Savviest, Bringing AI-Driven Resume and Cover Letter Technology to the My Journey Platform

PAIRIN, the workforce journey company, today announced it has acquired Savviest, which offers a powerful AI-driven resume and cover letter creator as well as coaching assistance and job application tracking.

The acquisition accelerates PAIRIN’s goal to modernize case management and career tools across the nation with AI technology and user-friendly applications for helping students and job seekers prepare for and attain meaningful employment. The Savviest technology positions PAIRIN as a leader in the use of AI technology to better help job seekers. 

This is PAIRIN’s second acquisition in less than two years, the first being CommunityPro Suite in 2021, and comes on the heels of a successful round of investor funding and continued expansion of the PAIRIN team to meet the demands of its growing footprint of work across the country. 

“PAIRIN is known for making complex workflows and data easy to understand and use in practical ways. Because of the strong growth curve we’re on, we are able to continually invest in the most modern technologies to enhance the experience for our clients and deliver on our  commitment to transforming the way state and local governments serve their residents,” said Michael Simpson, Founder and CEO of PAIRIN. “Savviest’s AI-driven, beautifully designed software allows us to help our clients go the last mile to not only introduce and match people to occupations, but actually help them get the interview and the job that is the best fit for them.”

Founded five years ago by Jared Carlson and Devin Owen, Savviest’s proprietary technology helps students create persuasive resumes that follow industry best practices and are adapted specifically for each job to which they apply. The company also provides coaching assistance and job application tracking to help people find and apply successfully for jobs that fit their background. This improves their success, saves time, and helps individuals learn the ins and outs of professional writing along the way.

Advisors, case managers, counselors and educators use Savviest to ensure the people they serve are successful in their careers both during and after school. By providing the tools to quickly and easily create professional resumes, advisors save time by not worrying about the basics such as templates, best practices and choosing what information to include. Savviest then allows them to easily review and provide feedback on resumes and cover letters online or in-person.

Savviest founders Carlson and Owen will join PAIRIN to deliver new AI-driven features and integrate their technology into PAIRIN’s My Journey, which helps users make wise choices regarding their careers and education by providing tools, content and personalized workflows to accelerate their economic mobility.

“Societal shifts, COVID and drastic changes in employment patterns have upended how people evaluate their careers, with workers favoring positions with more meaning, growth and balance. We built Savviest to give students and job seekers the cutting-edge resume, cover letter and job search tools they need to succeed in our new world of work,” said Devin Owen, Co-founder and CEO of Savviest. “After getting to know the people at PAIRIN, seeing first hand how they live their values and watching their rapid rise in the industry, it became clear that joining the team will allow us to multiply our impact and more quickly realize our vision of helping millions of people build careers that they love.”

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About PAIRINPAIRIN is a social impact technology company that is revolutionizing the way workforce and education intersect to foster a seamless, rewarding and relevant journey for students and career-seeking professionals. Our science-based My Journey platform enables workforce programs, government and educational organizations to more effectively deliver training, career guidance, skills development and tailored community services through one easy-to-implement and simple-to-understand data integration and no-code workflow solution. PAIRIN was founded in 2012, is based in Denver, Colorado, and serves states, education and workforce programs across the nation. For more information, visit