My Journey Blog Series: Explore My Profile & My Outcomes

Welcome to PAIRIN’s first blog post highlighting the different functionalities of the My Journey platform in honor of the 4-year anniversary of the launch of My Journey.

My Journey makes everyone’s career and education path personalized, informed and efficient. My Journey also reduces the administrative burden for the professionals who guide job seekers along their way. My Journey’s case management tools enable workforce organizations to intelligently connect the people they serve to careers, programs and  jobs. Through My Journey, unified learning and employment records and customizable workflows personalize the experience for each individual they serve.

Step one in charting a person’s path in the My Journey platform is to create a user profile in the My Profile section. My Profile is where all basic information is captured such as first name, last name, birthdate, timezone, etc. This is also where users can upload resumes or fill out education and job experience to help define the right paths and outcomes. On the professional side, PAIRIN clients can configure My Profile to add their own questions or choose from a library of pre-written questions for users to complete.

After My Profile is complete, users are ready to begin their exploration of My Outcomes. Outcomes, Goals and Steps make up the hierarchy of My Journey. An Outcome is a high-level objective with actionable and trackable items that guide a user along their journey. 

In the My Journey platform, users see a wide variety of available Outcomes that are tailored to their needs, desires and stage of life. Examples of Outcomes are: Find a career I will love; Prepare for my appointment with a Career Coach; Write a cover letter to highlight my strengths and interests; and many more! In fact, My Journey has more than 200 available Outcomes and we are regularly adding new ones.

When searching through the available Outcomes, users can self-assign or be assigned Outcomes by a mentor, counselor, teacher or career coach. Each Outcome has a list of Goals users need to complete in order to achieve the Outcome. Goals are a set of actionable pieces of work within a common theme. Within each Goal, multiple Steps can be found that need to be completed. Steps may link to external tools and resources, require work to be completed and uploaded, or guide them through a reflection. Once all the steps are completed, and each goal is hit, the Outcome is achieved. Outcomes can be customized to have a due date in order to keep users focused and on track to complete the Outcomes in a timely manner.

One of PAIRIN’s clients, Jan Sikorsky from WorldStrides, said “Outcomes, Goals and Steps act as a roadmap for students, parents and educators to learn, grow and advance personally and professionally. The platform helps every individual harness the power of self-analysis and reflection. And, the platform is very intuitive and easy to use.”

Overall, My Outcomes keeps a user on track to accomplish their education and career goals, while streamlining processes and reducing the burden on staff.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about My Journey’s My Profile and My Outcomes functionalities. Stay tuned for the next article in this My Journey blog series where we will feature My Tools.