Personalizing Career Exploration, Hiring and Professional Development

PAIRIN is a social enterprise company supporting workforce, coaches, business and education.

Looking to Hire Faster and Smarter?

  • Prioritize applicants by sorting based on top performers and organization culture.
  • Interview with confidence by using reports for customized questions based on skills and gaps.
  • Identify growth areas by having full transparency about development opportunities.
  • Fast-forward hiring by spotting the right hires up to 4x faster.

Our Process is Simple

1. Set up a job opening

Start with one opening for free, and add an unlimited number of additional positions for only $199/mo.

2. Link to survey

Applicants can apply on your company website, and then be directed to The PAIRIN Survey. Our survey takes as little as 7 minutes, and you get instant insights to each applicant’s results.

3. View applicant rankings

No more wondering if someone will work well in your team, our system figures that out for you. You can view a ranking of all applicants by their match score.

Swisslog saved $3.5 million by using PAIRIN.

“Not only can we easily prioritize which candidates to pursue first, but we also have more beneficial interviews and know exactly what to focus on for each employee’s development.”

– Roy Dockery, VP of Customer Care, Swisslog

Hire Based on the Skills That Matter Most

Soft skills are 75% of why individuals succeed in a job or program. Not personality. Not hard skills.

Proven results for small and medium sized businesses, franchises and larger organizations


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