Celebrating Decision Day – Virtually!

PAIRIN Team Celebrates Virtual Decision Day in Colorado

This year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re celebrating Decision Day virtually! Across the country, Decision Day celebrates students selecting their pathways, whether students choose to attend a university, community college, private occupational school, an apprenticeship or serve in the military.

Here in Colorado, juniors and seniors can use My Colorado Journey all month long to complete their Decision Day Outcomes, Goals and Steps.

We wore our college or program gear in celebration! Look at all of the different journeys our employees have taken that have brought them to PAIRIN.

“Sporting my North Central College gear today for national #DecisionDay in support of all the seniors making big decisions in an unprecedented time. My decision to attend North Central changed the trajectory of my life as a first generation student (shout out @firstgencardinals) by introducing me to new ideas, lifelong friends, and mentors I still look to for guidance today. As a Trustee and Alumni Board president, NC continues to provide opportunities for me to meet new people and serve the college that gave so much to me. Proud to be NC!”  @ncalumni #WeAreNC – Carli Franks, Director of Marketing

“I ended up at the University of Great Falls (Now the University of Providence) when a friend, Sebastian, convinced me to head out there for a computer science degree. I quickly joined the golf team for some sweet scholarship money, even though I wasn’t very good at golf. I even met Andrea there, who I later proposed to and married shortly after graduation!” – Josh Stylen, Dev Ops Engineer

“I chose Minnesota because it offered in-state tuition, an excellent Biomedical Engineering program, and it wasn’t Wisconsin!” #betterdeadthanred #skiumah #gophers #sorryPatrick – Jake Shanesy, Director of Product

“We celebrated in standup this morning!
I chose to go to the University of Texas mostly for the business school… Also, I went down to visit a friend of mine and fell in love with the school. Hook’em!” – Ethan Galowitz, Product Manager

“Literally every time – Every. Single. Time. I wear my Rocket City Trash Pandas swag out in public I get “class of 2010!” or “class of 2007” or class of whatever year. The alumni for Madison Regional Community Tech are everywhere. With degrees in Waste Management engineering, Aerated Milk Foam Architecture, Tattoo and Tattoo Removal Sciences, and Non-Constant Acceleration and Hyperphysics – I don’t think I could have gone to a better school. After changing my major God-knows-how-many-times I finally accrued enough credits to receive “a degree” which got me “a job.” Best 9 years of my life – Trash Pandas for Life!

Just kidding – Go Pack! NC State was amazing – Being in-state I managed to graduate with no student debt, with an amazing degree, from one of the best engineering schools in the US. The best part – unlike my UNC Chapel Hill friends – I don’t have to make coffee for other people every day. Guess those Aerated Milk Foam Degrees do come in handy for some people.” – Whil Piavis, Software Engineer

“From PFC (Private First Class) to PhD: I chose the military to learn the skills that gave me the tenacity to finish a Ph.D at the University of Missouri – St. Louis because of the research opportunities.” – Dan Hawthorne, Ph.D, Director of I/O Psychology

“We both chose our schools because they were near home (but not too close) and had lots of opportunities, so if we changed our minds and wanted to study something else we could stay at the same school.” #GoBearcats #GoBadgers – Sarah Yaksic, Customer Success Advocate and her boyfriend Patrick

“University of Denver, Class of 2010 baby!” – Allison Grenney, Director of Operations

“Here I am looking “west” to the US and California in particular. I chose the University of California, Santa Barbara to study for my math Ph.D because I wanted to move to the West coast of the US and study at a top-notch University from a world-class faculty.” – Robert Sulway, Ph.D, VP of Software Engineering

“I chose to attend Bentley University to play Field Hockey (I’m the one in the middle). In 2017, I received my BS in Marketing with minors in Contract Law and Sports Management. I loved playing for Bentley and still am besties with my teammates.” – Evelyn Schaedel, Product Marketing Specialist

For more information on Decision Day please visit: https://www.mycoloradojourney.com/