Author: Dan Hawthorne

Dan has been involved in startup consultant agencies and Fortune 500 businesses creating success by being a flexible, creative, problem-solving leader and translating the mystical jargon of data science and research methodology. As PAIRIN's Director of I/O Psychology, he is the trusted advisor of research and data.
When Values Alignment Rubber Hits the Road
In June of 2021, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which left me with the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced from a personal and a professional ...
Hybrid Work Skills
Skills for the Top 10 Hybrid Work Jobs
As we examined in a blog post this year, the world of remote work has changed dramatically. At that point, we talked about the hybrid models of work, where employees ...
Laptop with open video call and mask hanging from the side
2021 World of Work Predictions: Remote Work
In our 2020 Future of Work blog series, we talked about how companies were trying to figure out how to keep their doors open and their staff healthy by embracing remote ...
Road with 2021 and an arrow forward
2021 World of Work Predictions: What to Expect
Last year, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all into lockdown, we published a series of blogs about the world of work. We looked at the prospect of remote work, the ...
Person trying to push a giant rock
The Nitty Gritty of PAIRIN’s Grit
When Dr. Angela Duckworth first published her work on Grit in 2007, the construct exploded into the business world. Grit is a relatively simple concept at its core, and ...
rows of people with one single individual lit up to stand out
Cracking the Code of Unique Personas
One of the things I do at PAIRIN is talk to the people who use our tools to see if I can find answers for their questions in our data. Recently, our Director of Coach ...