About Us

About Pairin

Pairin is a social enterprise company with offices in Denver, CO and Austin, TX. Our primary mission is to make education more relevant for students and their future employers. That requires us to work across many markets to inform educational professionals what industry requires.

We believe every person has intrinsic value, but most folks are stuck in ill-fitting roles, don't believe or realize their potential, and are never sufficiently challenged to attain what is possible. Everyone, at times, needs wise counsel to develop, and wise counselors need insight, tools, support, and resources. That's where Pairin comes in. Whether for teachers, counselors, coaches, hiring managers, or recruiters, we are committed to delivering the resources, insights, and training to assist those responsible for helping others develop. In everything Pairin does, we work to help you make a greater impact in the lives of others than you ever thought possible.



Pairin, Inc. is looking for people who want to help bridge the success gap for students, professionals, and organizations. We are about really open, honest communication, hard work, and sometimes, harder play. You will know at all times exactly what the company is shooting for and how we are doing. We check our egos at the door, but fill up that space with chocolate — lots and lots of really good chocolate.



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