Ron Young, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Chief Scientist Emeritus

Ron's success as a management consultant and executive coach, principal and executive counsel for a premier executive learning organization, founder and president of a thriving outpatient psychology practice, and senior vice president of organizational development for a private, for-profit corporation established his passion for creating PAIRIN.

Why PAIRIN?: Using PAIRIN profile to change & improve lives, company's, education, business, government, and military organizations has been a dream for nearly 20 years

Who/what has been your greatest teacher? I had the distinct privilege of studying under two research/clinical psychologists who studied under two of the greatest assessment gurus in psychology: the creator of the Minnesota Multiphasic Psychological Inventory and the creator of the Adjective Checklist

Things you love: God, my wife, son, daughter, and dog; influencing people who influence people around the world