Josh Coats

Principal Software Engineer

Originally from southern Illinois, Josh attended DePauw University for his undergraduate studies. He then went to Washington University In St. Louis for graduate school where he applied his skills to protein research and obtained his Master's degree in Computer Science. He then moved to Colorado where he focused his career and training on all things having to do with the Internet. He now lives in Maryland with his wife, son, dog, and three cats.

Why PAIRIN: The collective passion and culture of the company and team members. Pride in providing quality and the opportunity to create something that will make a difference in someone's life.

Who/What has been your greatest teacher: My friends and family. They've taught me that tough times can make you stronger, happy times should be shared with others, and most importantly, we are in this together.

Things you love: Music and attending concerts, snowboarding, golf, history and playing with my animals.