The Reciprocity Collective Launches and Partners with PAIRIN to Guide Individuals from At-Risk Populations to Sustainable Employment

The Reciprocity Collective (TRC) announces its official launch in Denver with a mission to foster dynamic partnerships between business and nonprofit sectors to respectfully and effectively guide individuals from disenfranchised communities to successful and sustainable employment. To attain this mission, the organization has partnered with Denver-based PAIRIN to support each individual through personalized soft skill development and to match them to optimal job profiles and ensure each person reaches their full potential.

When individuals are given the opportunity to move out of poverty through employment, the overall economic impact and saved tax payer dollars adds up to tens of thousands of dollars each year, an estimated $25,000 to $55,000 per person, annually. TRC is designed to fill the gaps in current systems of vocational training and employment for individuals who are marginalized due to personal histories and socio-economic inequalities. By ending the cycle of hopelessness for these individuals, TRC helps them find a sense of community and self-sufficiency through employment.

The various workforce development programs that currently exist for these individuals are structured for short-term training, with minimal and disconnected support. TRC views the initial training and job placement as only one part of the equation. They take it a step further by working side-by-side with companies to ensure smooth transitions into the workplace and ongoing support for those they place through Peer Mentors, specialized support programs paired with ongoing assessment and coaching tools for development of core intrinsic competencies and positive life skills.

TRC is using PAIRIN to measure the soft skills of each program participant upon entering the program. The PAIRIN Readiness Management System™ identifies each individual’s skill gaps and then prioritizes the soft skills curriculum they need to reach their employment goals. Participants are then re-surveyed to track their skill growth over time and determine what job roles give them the best opportunity to succeed. PAIRIN measures all soft skills, so it can be used to identify gaps in skills for job roles as well as other areas such as wellness, family relationships, etc. And since many of the program participants with TRC deal with obstacles beyond work, PAIRIN’s tool is helping to ensure that each individual realizes positive movement in all areas of their life, setting them on a trajectory for life-long success.

“We are thrilled to be launching The Reciprocity Collective and are honored to be able to serve the individuals who are often overlooked, but who possess a deep desire to be productive and contributing community members,” said TRC Founder and Executive Director, Mary A. Putman. “By using PAIRIN from day one, we are able to get an accurate and well-rounded understanding of each individual’s strengths and skill gaps so we can focus our efforts on their areas of need to best support them and get them placed in a role where they can thrive for years to come,” Mary added.

The programs of TRC are available to any individual who demonstrates need and desire to participate. No prior work experience will be required, only interest and active engagement. Any agency or community organization working with those experiencing poverty, homelessness, and racial and economic inequalities, may refer individuals to TRC.

About The Reciprocity Collective (TRC)

TRC is founded on the belief that workforce development to mitigate poverty, homelessness and racial, economic and social injustices is the responsibility of the community. TRC believes that is not just enough to provide a job for disenfranchised individuals in our community, but to provide those individuals with partners in business and peers to empower them to succeed in opportunities forward for themselves and their families. The work of TRC is funded by the generosity of individuals and businesses, as well as community foundation grants including The Denver Foundation.


PAIRIN is a social enterprise software company whose mission is to make education relevant and hiring equitable. The PAIRIN Readiness Management SystemTM is the world’s first industry independent cloud-based solution for integrating soft skills development and matching into any program or company. Recognized as one of “The Top 50 Coolest New Companies in America” by Business Insider in 2015, winner of the 2017 Denver Chamber of Commerce Start-Up of the Year award and the 2017 Colorado Companies to Watch, PAIRIN continues to lead the skills-based talent pipeline evolution for education and industry. Find out more at