PAIRIN Scores Silver In GIIRS Impact Rating

What is the GIIRS Rating System?

GIIRS ratings are third-party verified social and environmental performance ratings.

  • GIIRS Impact Ratings are comparable across sectors, geography and company size.
  • GIIRS Impact Ratings are comprehensive, covering Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, Socially and Environmentally-focused Business Models.
  • GIIRS Ratings are verified, meaning all data is reviewed.

Why is PAIRIN GIIRS Rated?

  • GIIRS helps PAIRIN:
    • Measure Our Impact – Tracking our social and environmental impact is a great way to understand and communicate our work and how we are contributing to the world.
    • Benchmark Performance – It is important for us to compare our impact over time and to benchmark these performance metrics relative to other companies operating in our sector and geography.
    • Learn and Grow – We can improve our impact performance using the information we learn about our current practices and policies, and think about improvements we will make in the future.

PAIRIN’s Rating

For the full report on PAIRIN’s Outstanding rating, please email us: