PAIRIN Releases Research Paper on the Skill and Mindset Differences Between Charter School and Public School Teachers

Today, PAIRIN released a new body of research that seeks to highlight the fundamental differences between traditional public school teachers and charter school teachers. The report, titled “Soft Skills and Mindsets of Public Charter School and Traditional Public School Teachers: A Comparative Analysis”, gathers research about the differences between these two groups from published research studies, open datasets and PAIRIN’s own soft skills assessment and analytics tools, allowing for an innovative approach to understanding what makes these teachers successful.

The report overlays skills data with a research-based overview of the systemic differences between traditional public schools and charter schools from topics like satisfaction, teacher turnover and common soft skill patterns. This allows for a multi-level analysis of potential determining factors, resulting in a detailed, cross-functional analysis.

“Our research identifies key differentiating attributes between charter school and traditional public school teachers, which are aligned with findings in relevant research from government agencies, charter school organizations and academia,”

said Michael Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN. “Our survey tool provides results on over 100 soft skills and mindsets for each individual, giving us millions of data points to consider; however, our system’s built-in algorithms make the analysis a quick and easy process, highlighting the skills that are most common and different for the two defined groups of teacher sets,” Michael added.

The differentiating attributes PAIRIN identifies in the report include: Self-Restraint, Intuitive-Conceptual, Self-Control, Deference, Aggressiveness, Independence and Correcting Others. For each of the seven identified attributes, PAIRIN includes data from its own research and assessment, skill definitions and insights on the relevant intensity levels, and observations from PAIRIN’s data and other research on the attribute.


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