PAIRIN Joins Rework America Alliance as Founding Partner to Help Millions of Workers Find Pandemic-Resistant Career Opportunities

PAIRIN Joins Google, Microsoft, IBM, Goodwill, Walmart and Others to Create a New System of Worker Training In Response to COVID-19’s Employment Devastation

Today, we are excited to announce PAIRIN’s participation in the Markle Foundation’s Rework America Alliance. This initiative aims to help millions of workers move into promising careers, regardless of their background, by accelerating the development of a new system of worker training aligned to in-demand jobs. In partnership with the Alliance, currently made up of over 25 organizations including the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; major companies including Google, IBM, Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, and Workday; labor organizations such as the North America’s Building Trades Union; some of the nation’s most important public interest groups, including the African American Mayors Association, National Urban League, NAACP and UnidosUS; and educators like Arizona State University, Emily Griffith Technical College and learning platforms like edX, PAIRIN will make Alliance-enabled data and resources available through its My Journey platform to allow organizations across the country to more effectively deliver career guidance and skills development that is equitable and sustainable. 

COVID-19 displaced over 50 million Americans from their jobs and countless others have seen a significant decline in their earnings. During this time, displaced workers of all backgrounds need to find new work and adapt their skills to quality, in-demand jobs. PAIRIN, along with the Rework America Alliance, recognizes the urgent need for a new adult education system that offers workers rapid, affordable and effective training. 

We are honored to be a founding partner of the Rework America Alliance. To support the initiative, we will act as a delivery partner to provide system integration with our My Journey platform, including specific data and content provided through the alliance. This will provide for those displaced by the pandemic a step by step process to identify transferable skills from their existing experience, match those skills to new careers, discover the training and certifications required to ensure success, and get connected to real, COVID-resistant jobs.”  – Michael Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN.

The Alliance members will generate insights on shifting job market needs and share information on training programs to prepare people for the jobs with the greatest potential to provide opportunity. Their initial focus on effective online training solutions will expand over time to provide tools to those who support workers with hiring and skill-building.

For more information about the Rework America Alliance and the participating organizations, visit