PAIRIN Chosen as One of Business Insider’s “Coolest New Businesses in 2015”

PAIRIN joins 50 innovative businesses throughout the United States in the annual Business Insider “Coolest New Businesses in America” list for 2015.

Throughout the year Business Insider highlights several small or independent start-ups based on many variables including technology advancements, financial gains and in this case, the “coolness factor.” Alongside PAIRIN, the other selections on this list range from new restaurant concepts, techy start-ups, emerging mobile applications and fitness boutiques. While the selection is varied, PAIRIN is excitingly the only education or essential skills-focused business to appear on the list.

“PAIRIN identifies strengths and skills to help determine ideal job candidates and leaders for businesses; it can also be used by teachers to help strengthen their students skills and track their progress,” Business Insider states. “Based in the cloud, it operates unlike other HR or learning software programs because it’s a more interactive, strengths-based means of assessing classroom and career readiness.”

This coverage comes on the heels of other national recognition for PAIRIN including the Business Insider list being featured on the front page of the MSN website in early January. Michael Simpson, Co-Founder and CEO of PAIRIN is optimistic about what this coverage offers for PAIRIN in 2016: “The Business Insider attention is extremely exciting as we start our most profitable year to date; with inbound partnership opportunities steadily increasing since the inception of the PAIRIN brand. We are eager to bring our proprietary knowledge and product offerings into businesses and schools alike to make a greater impact on learning and work performance for students & employees.”


PAIRIN is a social enterprise software company with offices in Denver, CO and Austin, TX. Their mission is to make education more relevant for students and their future employers.

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