PAIRIN Announced as One of CASEL’s Design Challenge Winners

CASEL’s SEL Assessment Work Group launched its Second Annual SE Competence Assessment Design Challenge to further the organization’s goal of obtaining more input from practitioners to better understand their most pressing needs for social-emotional (SE) competence assessments.

By identifying and recognizing award-winning efforts, the Design Challenge seeks to stimulate the development and adoption of direct assessments of social-emotional (SE) competence supporting effective instruction and positive student development.

Assessment proposals were rated by practitioners and assessment experts on the purpose of the assessment, the measurement method, the extent to which the assessment addresses a practitioner need, research and frameworks that informed the design, data reporting, developmental and cultural appropriateness, usability, scalability, and technical merit.

PAIRIN’s Assessment, submitted by Curriculum Director, Dr. Tara Laughlin, was selected as one of the 5 winners!

Read more about the challenge and winners here.