New Career Exploration Tool Supports the Real-Life Paths of Today’s Career Seekers

PAIRIN announced today, at the National Career Pathways Network Conference, the launch of the first-ever career exploration tool that respects the winding paths most individuals’ professional lives take. Known as PAIRIN Pathways, this new offering allows individuals to match their strengths, personal desires, education, experience and transferable skills to optimal career paths.

PAIRIN Pathways guides individuals toward the experiences, skills and programs by personalizing career path recommendations based on an individual’s readiness, desires and quality of job opportunities. Detailed information on over 600 careers can be filtered by individual preferences and desired location, education requirements, job tasks, salaries and much more. Additionally, the built-in cross-industry mapping helps identify what soft and hard skills need developing while in certificate or degree-seeking programs.

PAIRIN pairs this with its online soft skills curriculum to personalize and order the lessons for each individual to meet their career goals. With over 300 online micro-lessons designed to develop 54 different soft skills, PAIRIN’s curriculum is the most comprehensive in existence.

“By empowering career seekers and professionals to realize their ideal future, PAIRIN Pathways is revolutionizing how people search for and identify the jobs in which they can truly succeed,” said Michael Simpson, PAIRIN CEO and Co-founder. “We have done the hard work for you by integrating millions of data points from the most relevant resources, so you can simply drop in your information and immediately start finding your path and developing toward your goals through a beautiful interface,” Michael added.

States, businesses and institutions can seamlessly integrate PAIRIN Pathways with any dataset or existing website for maximum customization and flexibility. PAIRIN has partnered with a variety of data and integration leaders to ensure its knowledge-base is resourced from the most reliable sources. Partners include Burning Glass, O*NET, The Center for Data Science and Public Policy at the University of Chicago, the Workforce Data Initiative, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Credly, PlayerLync and Intry.


PAIRIN is a social enterprise software company whose mission is to make education relevant and hiring equitable. The PAIRIN Readiness Management SystemTM is the world’s first industry independent cloud-based solution for integrating soft skills development and matching into any program or company. Recognized as one of “The Top 50 Coolest New Companies in America” by Business Insider in 2015, winner of the 2017 Denver Chamber of Commerce Start-Up of the Year award and the 2017 Colorado Companies to Watch, PAIRIN continues to lead the skills-based talent pipeline evolution for education and industry. Find out more at