Connecting Your Residents to Careers, Services and Education

Help your state effectively deliver career guidance, skills development and tailored community services through one easy-to-implement and intuitive solution.

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Built for you and your citizens

Built for Users – Delivered by States

My Journey provides integrated workforce solutions with career planning tools for government that personalize every resident’s experience based on their needs, goals and stage of life. Users select their desired outcomes, set goals and take the steps needed to achieve their dreams. From military personnel and other adults switching careers to high school students choosing their next adventure, we provide personalized recommendations and support along an individual’s entire education and career exploration journey.

My Journey makes every state-provided system easier to access and use.

Your State. Your Solution.

My Journey is a customizable platform that seamlessly integrates data across multiple state agencies to connect residents with career, education and social services. It’s a new generation of government workforce management software that allows agencies to provide a unified user experience for accessing any state service. With My Journey, you can offer solutions to unemployment, plus create a culture of life-long learning and continuously evolving career success for all residents with one platform.

Personalized at Every Step for Maximum Effectiveness

Our workforce management platform personalizes career and education recommendations for the individual to explore and evaluate options. My Journey also facilitates direct connections to existing state agency resources, government workforce tools and applications for seamless navigation and task management. In addition, this powerful platform allows individuals to securely share their journey with the professionals, parents, counselors, advisors and case managers that can help along their path. Professionals can even recommend next steps and help with successful completion of key steps. Together, this functionality creates a system that:

Simplifies confusing government services

Is fast to implement and easy to update

Reduces redundancy and support burden

Quickly connects residents to the services they need

“My Journey allows us to connect clients to the workforce services most relevant to their needs. It brings access to resources from across workforce agencies into one place and streamlines the referral process.”

– George Taratsas, Director of WIOA Administration and Compliance and Lead Staff of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development

Help individuals navigate career choices AND access the programs and services to help them along their journey.

Learn how My Journey connects career, education and support services.

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