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PAIRIN is proud to sponsor NCPN 2021!

We hope you will listen to Dr. Dan Hawthorne’s on-demand presentation titled “Job Vulnerability, Gateway Jobs, and Decision Process Management: Guiding Job Seekers.” You can access this by logging in to the conference portal (Whova) and searching for and clicking on the session.

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  • The PAIRIN Job Outlook Index: A free tool that shows what jobs are most in danger, what jobs create pathways to new careers, and how you can help guide job seekers into new, promising careers.
  • New Research on the Top Hybrid Jobs & Skills: On November 4, PAIRIN and FlexJobs released new research on the top hybrid jobs and the skills needed for individuals to be successful in those jobs.
  • Learn How PAIRIN Can Help You: Schedule a demo with our team to find out how our tools can help those you serve get connected to career, education and support services to help them succeed.