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“This product is flexible enough to meet the needs of various goals and deep enough to provide ample room for growth at any level. And – the staff is AMAZING! I feel like more than just a customer, but part of the PAIRIN family.”

– Amanda Daniels, Curriculum and Instrctional Design Manager, GPS Education

“PAIRIN gives individuals an in-depth look not only at their existing strengths, but their long-term potential. It’s no wonder that states like Colorado and Virginia along with businesses and education systems are using PAIRIN to match people to their ideal career path, guide them on their journey, and as much as triple their earnings in the first year.”

– Stephen Yadzinski, Managing Director of Acceleration, JFF Labs

“There is nothing that compares to this at any level or for any category. Excellent and SUCH a helpful tool. It’s not only made me better at my job but also a better coworker, friend, sibling, etc.”

– Dulcy Booth, Manager of Talent, Activate Workforce Solutions

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