Workforce Development Pricing

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Skill Tracking and Development Tool



  • All the features of PAIRIN Lite
  • Establish instant rapport and identify growth opportunities from day one
  • Ability to create and download custom reports
  • Measure individual growth over time
  • Perform deep analysis of skill and growth data
  • Identifies desire to develop in over 100 characteristics
  • Recognize group patterns
  • At-Risk profiles immediately flag individuals for social workers

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For Individual Development

Online Curriculum

Deepen Your Coaching Skills to Impact More People

Coaching Courses



Prices vary

by course
  • Unlimited access to all soft skills curriculum
  • Ability to complete at individual's preferred pace
  • View individual completion information to track progress and demonstrate your impact
  • Competency based learning
  • Personalized learning to individual goals
  • Accelerate your effectiveness as a people developer
  • Online webinar format saves costly travel and time away from the office
  • Taught by coaching experts
  • Courses include 5-8 individual class sessions with live demos, hands-on exercises and case study
  • Offered 3 times/year